Network Consulting

Parsun Network Solutions can provide a vast array of services around your current and future network infrastructure requirements.

Whilst we specialise in Visibility, Monitoring, Analytics, Security, Cloud and Data Center solutions, our experienced network consultants also have substantial expertise in many areas including:

Virtual Private Networking – Whether you intend to use IPSec, PPTP, SSL or SSH VPNs for secure tunnelling over public networks, we can help you select the most appropriate solution in terms of both performance and security.

Wireless Networking – We have several wireless consultants that are the most highly skilled in the industry, providing services to leading Telco’s deploying advanced mobile networks like 3G/ LTE or satellite technologies to large-scale retail and warehouse environments. We can offer a secure solution that best fits your requirements and budget, no matter how complex the environment is.

Local Area Networking – Large-scale layer 2 and layer 3 switched Ethernet environments. Scoping and designing the most suitable infrastructure for your organisation from the wide range of network hardware is crucial. We are also able to troubleshoot any existing environment as an interim step.

IP V4/6 Planning and configuration management – We can help you with your Layer 3 IP address planning, route summarisations and optimise your data usage. Our consultants will also help you prepare for IPV6 readiness, system updates and performance.

Wide Area Networking – From frame relay to ATM, ADSL, SHDSL, ISDN and satellite we can provide an all-embracing exposure to WAN technologies. We can help you assess your WAN requirements, as well as examine new application acceleration technologies to gauge their suitability for your organisational requirements.

Storage Area Networking- Our experienced storage consultants provide comprehensive advice on best fit technology whether it is NAS, IP or Fibre Storage Architecture. Focussed on the delivery of high performance, secure and resilient storage area networking solutions, we can meet your business requirements for scalability, security and disaster recovery.

Network Redundancy – Providing resilience in your network is a mandatory requirement to minimise outages. We has vast experience designing and deploying fault tolerant networks in active-active or active-passive configurations.

Secure Online & Hosting Environments – We have deployed some of the largest and most high profile web sites in Australia and provided design consultancy on many others. Our clients have deployed Internet facing, 10 gigabit connected, best of breed networks with multiple layers of data segregation and real time security monitoring.Ser

Device Performance Accreditation – We provide services that will confirm a manufacturers hardware performance based on your IP hardware and network configuration. We can avalanche traffic to your IP, Web or Emails servers and determine how they handle under extreme load. This provides you immediate benefit by understanding under what situations your systems will fail.

Intercept and Analysis – We can provide you systems that will completely duplicate any IP traffic flow for offline analysis or realtime monitoring without introducing increased latency or packet loss.

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